General Information

British schools work hard to find the best international students to match their ethos and academic standards. UKiset has been designed as a single assessment that can help schools identify the most suitable pupils and families find the right school for their child.

UKiset is an adaptive online entry test taken in English designed to support admission into the UK independent education system. It is a smart way to test a student’s ability to thrive in an English speaking school. The assessments measure fundamental skills such as language, mathematics, problem solving and aptitude for learning. UKiset is a standardised assessment that can be used to identify a candidate’s strengths, weaknesses and learning preferences.

UKiset measures four skills: non-verbal reasoning (solving problems using pictures, diagrams and patterns), vocabulary (the ability to recognise words and their meaning), mathematics (working with numbers, value, and sequences), and other English skills (grammar, reading comprehension, listening and creative writing)

Key Facts About UKiset

  • UKiset takes approximately 2 hours to complete
  • In general results are processed within 3 business days of the test taking place
  • UKiset can be taken all over the world at authorised test centres, in the UK at our head office, at some selected schools, or over the internet with an online invigilator. Read our guide on online invigilation here. The UKiset team will help arrange the test date
  • Schools request UKiset because it provides credible information on an applicant’s academic potential and suitability for their learning environment. Some schools conduct further testing or will interview the candidate after seeing their UKiset Profile
  • UKiset costs £295. This is a one-off fee that includes:

Test arrangement
All invigilation fees
Results to the candidate and your academic agent (if you have one)
The full UKiset Profile sent to up to 5 schools of your choice

  • Schools can be chosen before or after the test
  • Results are valid for one year
  • The test can be retaken after 4 months

Who Can Take UKiset?

UKiset is designed for students aged between 9.5 and 18 years old. They can be any nationality, even a native English speaker. We recommend that candidates have at least a basic grasp of English as there are some test instructions they will need to follow. The test results compare the candidate’s academic skills against British students of the same age and specifically against those studying in the independent sector. UKiset also assesses their level of academic English using a Cambridge English test that provides their current CEFR level.

A student may take UKiset because:

  • They want to apply to a British independent school
  • They want to enter a language school or International study centre in the UK
  • For their own knowledge; they want to know how they compare to British students of the same age
  • They want to set an objective to see how they progress over the year before entering an educational institution that communicates in English
  • Their English teacher would like to set targets to be achieved every six months to ensure the student achieves their very best

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