The Process

Step 1 – Register on this site

During registration please provide as much information as possible. This data is sent to the schools as part of the candidate’s final UKiset school profile that is generated after the assessment. Schools will also use this information to contact you with their decision. You will also need to upload an image of the candidate and provide some identification details (normally a passport) for security purposes, so have these ready when you register a candidate online.

Step 2 – Online invigilation or test centre?

UKiset will contact you to offer a test date and confirm if you’d prefer an online invigilation or to go to a physical test centre. We offer online invigilation 7 days a week, and it is undertaken by a member of the UKiset team. We have found it to be a secure and easy way for candidates to take the test, as it means there is no travel involved. If you would like to find out more about online invigilation, please contact us or head to our guide here.

If you instead choose a test centre, we will try our best to find a location close to you, though some parts of the world are more difficult to service and you may need to travel to a nearby city.

We work with British Council offices, Cambridge Assessment centres, Educational Consultants and International Schools. If you have a preferred test centre in mind, you can inform us on the registration form.

Step 3 – Your test day

Please make sure to have the following items on your person (whether you are sitting UKiset via online invigilation or at a test centre) on the day of testing:

1. Photo ID, which must match the passport or ID number provided at registration

2. Headphones

3. A pen, pencil and eraser (and lined and scrap paper if using online invigilation)

Step 4 – Getting your results

After the test the results will be emailed to the person who registered the candidate – this might be the parents, guardians or academic agent. At the same time the UKiset School Report will be sent directly to any schools selected during registration.

If no schools were selected at that time then the School Report will be stored securely until you notify UKiset of any school choices. Your results will remain valid for one year after the test date.

Step 5 – Hearing back from schools

If you chose schools at the point of registration, they will respond to you or your agent directly.

Step 5 – Making school choices

Discuss the child’s results and research the schools that would be best suited to their personality and academic ability.

As soon as you wish to apply to a school simply inform UKiset where you would like the school report sent. The schools will respond directly to the person who registered the candidate.

And finally…

At a later date, should the candidate wish to apply to further schools, simply contact UKiset and we can help.

Always remember to contact schools you are interested in to check they have places available or if they have admissions deadlines.

Please note, UKiset results and school reports are valid for one year after taking the test. UKiset can only be taken once every four months.