Nationwide, teachers and admissions staff are struggling to cope with an increased workload, with 84% reporting that they have been working longer hours over the past year. This increase partly stems from spending more time on pastoral care and administrative tasks, in addition to their regular work.
In addition, many are asked to invigilate entrance exams and to assist with marking prospective students’ test papers; both time-intensive tasks. Below we outline how UKiset can streamline admissions processes, therefore easing pressure and supporting school staff across the country as they battle against burnout.

Remove the need for entrance papers

By using UKiset, schools no longer need to spend time creating and setting exam papers for applicants. With regular updates to the UKiset platform, teachers and admissions teams at UKiset schools do not need to annually create new papers for each major entry point (11+,13+,16+).


Cut down marking time

Schools usually have to spend precious time marking their own entrance papers. With the volume of applications to boarding schools rising again post-pandemic, many schools are inundated with related paperwork.

Sorting through and marking entrance papers is an arduous task and one which can lead to staff being overworked. Schools that use UKiset receive candidates’ results automatically, simplifying the admissions process.

Many also use the results as a filter — with candidates having to obtain a minimum score to be considered.


Online invigilation

Schools that use UKiset need not to worry about finding staff internally to invigilate entrance tests or paying for external services. Included in the price of the test is the option for online invigilation, allowing flexibility for candidates as they can take the test from wherever they are based, without the need to travel to a test centre or the prospective school. In turn, this also means that school staff don’t have to invigilate an exam for up to 3 hours.

The combined time spent on setting and marking a paper, and then possibly having to invigilate the exam itself can be upwards of 5 hours. Given the stress and pressure that school staff are facing throughout the country, any measures — such as UKiset — that could alleviate some of this stress should be strongly considered.

If you would like to find out more about how UKiset can help reduce time and stress on your admissions teams, please don’t hesitate to contact us at or head to our UKiset for schools page to learn about further benefits.