At UKiset, we understand that the world of education is increasingly reliant on a digital approach to learning, research, and assessment. Over the past two years, the benefits of technology have become even more apparent.

As a side effect of the pandemic, some students may struggle to find a test centre in their local area, and so we are delighted to announce that UKiset has been offering online invigilation to all candidates since the beginning of 2020.

Candidates can now sit UKiset from the comfort and security of their own home, under an invigilator’s supervision. Each step of online invigilation is managed by Ukiset, thus creating a hassle-free and efficient process.

Here we’ll outline some of the benefits of online invigilation, detail the process and explain what candidates can expect on the day of the assessment.

Benefits of online invigilation

  • Candidates are able to take the test in their own home, or at their current school – there is no need to travel
  • Online invigilation is available Monday to Friday, anytime between 10am and 2pm UK time
  • Results are often processed quicker as UKiset can upload information directly to our system, with no third party involved
  • There is no extra cost to online invigilation

How to choose online invigilation

  • Whilst registering a candidate for UKiset, select ‘online invigilation’ when asked for your preferred test location
  • A member of the UKiset team will reach out to you via email and provide online invigilation instructions
  • Please reply to this email with your preferred test date and time, and the candidate’s email address so that the team can organise the Microsoft Teams meeting
  • Before the test date, please ensure that the candidate has downloaded Microsoft Teams onto their computer and on a secondary device (such as a tablet or smartphone)
  • You and the candidate should receive a link to the invigilation, please ensure that you accept the invitation before the day of the test. If you are unable to find the link, please check your spam inbox
  • Please ensure that the security settings on the computer being used allow the candidate to share their screen with our invigilator

On the day of the test

  • The invigilator will start the meeting 15 minutes prior to the start time of the assessment
  • Please ensure that all devices are set up and ready to go (ideally the secondary device should be set up behind the candidate, allowing the invigilator to see their desk and computer)

The invigilator will then:

  • Check the candidate’s ID
  • Troubleshoot any technical difficulties
  • Explain the structure of the test
  • Please ensure that the candidate has a pen and spare paper for rough working, and for the essay portion of the test
  • Use of a calculator or phone is prohibited during the test
  • The candidate will be offered a short break in between each section of the assessment
  • Candidates tend to take roughly 2 and a half hours to complete the entire UKiset

Final steps

The candidate will be asked to scan their essay (using their secondary device or a scanner) and email it to the invigilator, preferably in PDF format. The invigilator will remain on the call with the candidate until they have received the email.

Further information

  • Results will take 1-2 working days to generate during our quiet period (December to April), and 2-3 working days during the busy period (May to November)
  • UKiset reports are valid for one year, however candidates may retake the assessment 4 months after their initial test
  • If schools have been preselected, the report will be sent to them directly. There is also the option to add more schools to the selection list after the test has been taken
  • Please note that we advise registering candidates at least 2 month in advance of schools’ deadlines to ensure you have a test slot
  • Please allow at least 5 working days for us to arrange online invigilation

If you have any questions or would like to find out further information, please contact our team via email at