Here we explain how to prepare your child for the UKiset test. We start by outlining how it works and then move on to explain the different ways in which your child can prepare for the style of questions that might be asked.

What the UKiset test covers

There are three key elements to the UKiset test:

1. Reasoning

Designed to explore what kind of thinking a candidate finds easy or difficult and includes:

  • Verbal Reasoning – Language questions and problem solving with words
  • Non-Verbal Reasoning – Solving problems using shapes, pictures and logic
  • Mathematical Reasoning – Looking at number, value, quantity and sequence concepts

This part of the test is adaptive which means that the questions asked are designed to assess the student’s ability level. The more questions the student answers correctly, the more difficult the test will become. Therefore, not being able to answer a question does not mean the student is performing badly!

2. Reading and Listening

The second part of UKiset is the Cambridge English test, an online multiple choice test that assesses receptive language skills.

3. Essay Writing

The final section of UKiset is a short English essay, designed to demonstrate expressive language skills.

Prepare for the UKiset test

Whilst there are no official sample papers, it is possible for candidates to familiarise themselves with the style of questions that might be asked.

UKiset partners with leading online platform, Atom Learning, to provide students with targeted, school-supported practice in key subject areas. Atom’s adaptive learning platform covers English, Maths, Verbal Reasoning and Non-verbal Reasoning. It combines the highest quality teacher-made content with sophisticated technology that adapts to individual ability in a fun and engaging way.

The platform is used and endorsed by more than 300 of the UK’s leading Independent Schools including Brighton College, St Swithun’s School, Westminster School and many more.

You can sign up for a 5-day free trial and 10% discount with Atom Learning here or by using discount code ebcCgeeF when you sign up through Atom’s website.

Other ways to prepare for the UKiset test

We suggest that you develop your child’s English skills by improving vocabulary, grammar and comprehension. You can do this by reading, listening, speaking and practice writing. Here are some further tips:

  • Listening to audio books will help with expanding vocabulary and improve comprehension.
  • Encourage your child to write short essays on a wide range of topics.
  • Ask your child to express their opinions in English and to justify these opinions

The UKiset reasoning test includes quantitative reasoning.It can be helpful to check that the student is confident, accurate and fluent in answering mathematically based reasoning questions.

It is important to be positive and reassuring. Some candidates will feel nervous about sitting a test; reassure them and encourage them to be calm and try their best!

Useful UKiset test preparation resources

Promoting Reading

Websites with book reviews, recommended reading and guidance on the suitability of books for different age groups


Improving English skills

Cambridge Assessment


Familiarisation for online reasoning tests

Atom Learning provides practice questions and learning support resources for English, Verbal Reasoning, Maths and Non-Verbal Reasoning for students preparing for tests at age 10-11 years.

Familiarisation materials for the Cambridge English Placement Test.

Familiarisation and practice materials for the Cambridge Assessment English Linguaskill test.