UKiset is a set of assessments that many British independent schools ask overseas students to take. The results show how the candidate compares to students of the same age in the British school system and more specifically, within independent schools. The evaluation tests the child’s underlying learning skills – through a vocabulary test, non-verbal and mathematical reasoning; and their level of English – in reading, listening and writing.

How does it work?

You or the family can register candidates for UKiset online. A test is arranged locally for the student – UKiset has a large network of test centres worldwide, and will endeavour to find an appropriate test centre location for every candidate. If this is not possible, or the candidate prefers, we also offer online invigilation. To find out more about online invigilation, read our guide here. The candidate chooses which schools they would like to send their results to. Within 24 hours of the test taking place the UKiset profile report is sent to you, the family and any selected schools. School choices can be made either before the test takes place or after the results have been seen.

How does it benefit your clients?

The enormous benefit is that UKiset is a single assessment that can be used to apply to multiple schools. Before UKiset, students would have to prepare for and sit unique tests for every school they applied for – this could mean hours of preparation and testing over a number of weeks. UKiset can be sent to schools prior to registering with them. This means that applying for competitive places at selective schools becomes much cheaper – as families only pay registration fees at the schools where their child has a chance of gaining a place.

Secondly, by using UKiset to assess your client’s learning potential and English, you the agent/consultant, have an independent, internationally-recognised evaluation upon which to base your advice. You may wish to advise on additional English support and tutoring; or help the family choose more realistic school choices; or help them aim for the very best school. UKiset provides the evidence to back up this advice. You will also get faster responses from schools. With UKiset, schools can make decisions much faster –  allowing you to work with more clients.

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